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Coca-Cola hands #incomparable gift to Davao IP community

“Milyon na pasalamat sa mga foundation na nitabang sa amoa (a million thanks to the foundations who helped us).” –Lorna Elesterio, Kagawad, Brgy. Baganihan Marilog District 

The moment I learned that Coca-cola will be holding an event for its completed project in a community in Marilog, I didn't hesitate to cover it. Marilog, a distant district from the downtown Davao area, is a place I've always wanted to explore.

Coca-Cola, in partnership with EarthDay Network Philippines and other NGOs, is turning over yet another completed Agos Ram Pump Project. Agos (flow) is a flagship program of the Coca-Cola Philippines in line with their celebration of its 100 years in business. The Agos Ram Pump Project installs hydraulic ram pump systems in upland rural communities around the country.


We left for Marilog about 7am and arrived a little past 9am, a roughly 2-hour road trip. We were greeted by the locals led by their Barangay Chairman and right then and there we learned that majority of the population are Indigenous People. That made me more grateful I embarked on that trip as I have this immense interest in stories and lives of IP.

In the first hours, the temperature in the area was at its lowest. I know beforehand that Marilog is a cool place, but an action-packed day was I had in mind so I didn’t care bringing a jacket. I ended up crumpled in cold. Haha Fortunately, they served coffee to warm us up.

Coca-Cola and NGO execs huddling with the locals

We then headed off to the spring where the locals get their water in the past. They wanted to show us how far and difficult the trail the locals need to endure just to fetch water. The spring is about 400meters away from where they get their water today which is just beside the highway. I like venturing on adventure trips thus was elated to learn that we’re gonna be doing that.

The way through there wasn’t an easy undergoing. Several members of the group slipped in some part. Steep, slippery, dangerous. My excitement reposed when people started to slightly get hurt. Had it not rained the previous day, we must have had a much better way through. Gladly, people from the foundation were closely guiding us all throughout the trek. Gladly, no one seriously got hurt.

Glad borrowed this from a local. My savior that day! Hehe :)

crossing this bamboo bridge was fun. :)))
going up...

and down.

Silly may it seem, but I actually enjoyed that part of the trip. It gave me a better understanding the importance of the project in that community. 

one of the two water spring sources 

pipelines connecting the first spring to the second
From the water sources downhill, the ram pumps the water to a storage tank built uphill. From there, water is then supplied to several communal tap strategically located around the community. You will be surprised that this system has been existing for over 200 years now. An eco-friendly system operating with a zero carbon footprint using just the natural kinetic energy from the free-flowing water.

The project greatly spares the populace from the time and effort spent daily considering how daunting fetching water downhill is in the past. 

the storage tank from afar
interestingly, they always do this in every project they complete.
murals are painted on the surface of the tank by the local children.

The tribe leaders also performed a ritual before formally receiving the project.

a woman preparing for the ritual
the tribesmen doing the ritual
ritual essentials. :)
the local technicians receiving their certificates

They also trained personnel from the community to be their own technicians so that if the pumps need repairs, they can do it themselves. 

the locals with the volunteers from the earthday network phils.
The people of Sitio Maharlika, Marilog District are surely grateful for this incomparable #walaykapareha gift from Coca-cola.

Walay Kaparehas na Lessons and Experience

I was extremely grateful that I was able to grab that once in a life time opportunity. To Coca-cola for granting my dream which is to experience being in a community like this. This trip inspired me a lot. I had so many realizations that day; things that I thought do not matter at all.

I admit, I often tend to waste water and this trip taught me to give importance not just for the water, but for everything that I possess. :) 

Coca-Cola is one of the possessions I won't trade for something else for sure. The delicious and refreshing taste that is unique to Coca-cola is what keeps me longing for it more each day. 

Certainly, a meal won't be complete without a glass of Coca-cola. A flavor that promises fun and refreshment. A brand that excels in keeping its customers happy all the time, including me and my family! :)

I'm sure you too have that Walay Kaparehas (Incomparable) moments in your life, share it to us in the comments section! :)


  1. hey Caps, gahut kaayo kag ug adventures ba! ubana pud mi sunod uie. :)

    panglibre ug coke sakto sa skul next time ha. pls trolol :))) XD

  2. You are brave not to have any jacket hehe

    1. Hehehe the coffee helped a lot Pearl. :) Lesson learned. haha Thanks!

  3. Wala gyud kapareha ang Coca-Cola *Thumbs up*

    1. oist. tama! :) Perfect pang pares sa isaw sa school. hehe Assuming na classmate ta. Hahaha :))

      Salamat kaayo! :)

  4. Lami bitaw kaayo ang coke ya. Pirmi lang gani nimo ginahurot baligya ni mama na coke hahaha ayos kaayo ni kay maka dugang dyud sa joy taga kaon. dili makumpleto atoang kaon pag wala ni :))))))))))

  5. yeah ! mapa aaah ka sa sarap ng coke ! :) di kumpleto araw ko pag di ako nakakinum ng coke ! da best tlaga in ! :)) char

    1. hilom poks... char sad ka pepsi man gani imong gna inom!! hahahahhaha

    2. the best jud ang coke!!

    3. hahaha ka samok nyo ooy! chares. thanks pokz, amaparo. lami ug perfect jud ang coke... walay kaparehas! ^_^

  6. nice kaau murag gusto pud nako na xa ma try ug makita jud mismo tong mga traditions and rituals na seldom na lng na makita karon :) thanks capin for sharing ur great experience with coca-cola

  7. Nice dyd au ang COCA-COLA dghan au og natabangan.,.

  8. aus dyd kaau ang COCA COLA kay dghan au og ntabangan.,.saludo dyd q.,.

  9. way makalupig sa COCA COLA sa kalami!! d me mahimo mukaon kong wala coke sa pagpangaon!! ug pampawala sa hangover kung hubog pagka ugma ahhaha..

  10. way makalupig sa COCA COLA sa kalami!! d me mahimo mukaon kong wala coke sa pagpangaon!! ug pampawala sa hangover kung hubog pagka ugma ahhaha..

  11. gahuta oyy ! pero tama jud na wlay kaparehas ang kalami sa tubig sa Dvo ug syempre wlay kaparehas ang kalami sa Coca-cola :)
    we should conserve water because not all are blessed to have a clean and delicious water like we have here in davao. :)
    More blessings to the Coca-cola company and to you KUNGFU (dli na Hengfu XD) ! haha :D

  12. no one beats Coca-Cola sa sarap at sayang dala nito sa bawat mamamayang Pilipino... hahaha <3

    1. true jud Cams. nothing comapres to Coca-cola. hehe Thanks! ^_^

  13. Lami kaau ang Coca-cola Refreshing sa lawas, maka-Adik..As in! :D


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