Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Samal Island: Sunset Beach Park and its Vibrant Night Life

After months of being bombarded with school works, finally had a chance to have a short break in Samal Island last weekend. It's been quite a while since I've been to IGACOS (prolly, December 2011) and to be back was exhilarating. :))

I was with my school buddies this time. ;)

Good thing to note that improvements at the ferry ports have been done. There's now its dedicated passenger lounge with several food stalls (Davao City port) in it. Though relatively small, still better than not having one. Hopefully, they can expand it further the soonest, considering the rise of visitors IGACOS is receiving each year.

Since we only had the whole night to spend, we chose not to go further than the Babak area. We suited ourselves at Sunset Beach Park, which is just about 5-minute tricycle ride from the ferry port. There were no more available cottages nor huts when we got there so we ended up getting a small tent (good for 3 persons) for Php350. We didn't actually intend to sleep at all, and we just needed a place to store our stuffs, so we thought a tent will do.

The place was jam-packed. We almost had a hard time finding a spot to mount our tent on. Fortunately, a leaving family offered their spot to us.

There's us, cam whoring after mounting our tent. The spot was perfect- just right on the beach, about a meter away from the sea water.

We ate dinner at Campo Uno Sand Bar & Grill. The bar is okay, the food is good too.

Not sure if this happens every night, but there was an acoustic duo playing when we were there. Fire dancers perform every weekend too, and we're delighted that we were able to see it.

Campo Uno Sand Bar & Grill and Sunset Beach Fire Dancers (photo credit to campo uno)
Campo Uno Sand Bar & Grill

The performances were superb. The dancers were surprisingly hotties too. Hahaha
she's so good at playing (i mean dancing) with :)
Watch them here: After the performance, they allowed the audience to take photos with them doing the tricks. Since we're all for adventures, who are we not to oblige? Hohoho  ^_^

Thus the night that we played with FIRE. Hahaha

What I like about Sunset Beach Park is that there were no videoke machines around. You have myriad of choices there too. If you feel like dancing, you can do that at the other bars. If you want a serene and quiet stay, you can suit yourself at the silent parts of the strip.

We'd also like to commend the staffs of Campo Uno Sand Bar & Grill for their hospitality and great service. Thank you! :))
Davao City seen from Sunset Beach Park, Samal Island

The place reminds me a bit of Boracay. A strip of businesses with entertainment functions settled right on the beach. Well, it's Boracay sans the luxury. Of course it's kind of wrong to compare it with Boracay, but my point is, if you want to experience partying on the beach, you can certainly do it here. Boracay might be superior in several aspects, but the atmosphere is almost the same.

We really had a great time at Sunset. Will we be coming back? Definitely! The whole class is actually now in talks for our next trip. :))


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